At BRI we believe that only strong research creates cosmetic products capable of generating real results. Research is our primary driver and provides the blueprint for our innovations. 

We are challenged with finding the latest in enriching scientific knowledge about skin and hair around the world, with an intent watch for discovering new active ingredients. While a great deal of our research is scientific in nature and drives the innovation of products, another core aspect of our organization is consumer research and discovering which products can best be adapted to consumer needs and expectations around the world.

About B.R.I.

The Beauty Research Institute was established as an organization committed to examining the science of beauty. For years, the institute has been involved in a broad range of initiatives combining psychology, biology, consumer insights and fashion trends to build a mass knowledge so that we can help people lead healthy and beautiful lives.

The Institute conducts focus groups and consumer research, active in the discovery and development of beauty techniques and products, education, and the delivery of information. Our mission is to give to society and deliver value to customers by sharing the most effective research.

CONSUMER INSIGHT RESEARCH: The Beauty Research Institute studies the psychology and attitudes women have about cosmetics.  We also project trends in beauty, fashion, color, and makeup style, and implement fact-finding and comparative surveys on competitor products.

SERVICES OFFERED: The Institute provides research, data and creative input to companies involved in product development, the creation of new makeup designs and beauty solutions, and the development of beauty care information for promotional purposes.

The Institute is currently cataloging cosmetic collections by year and category as part of a research study on the relationship between time periods, social changes and the evolution of makeup styles.


Beauty-Workshop-BRIThe Beauty Research Institute owns and operates a makeup school, provides education through training, workshops and seminars, and presents its research to the public.